Friday, July 3, 2009

good grief

as i sit here and i looked at the last date of the last post.... good grief. well we have had lots of changes going on with our bunch. since march, well here goes the update. we have moved into a much larger house for us... YEAH!!! the situation arose where we had to move out of our previous house, gasp. then the lord spoke clearly to me, "find a house." then with all of my rationalization of "what's" and how's" we found this house, and thanks to god, we are making it a home. double smile. the kids have finished school. we will have 2 in high school. eek, they are growing so fast.... mega fast. taylor and ashley just had their birthday a few days ago. 14 and 15. they are wonderful girls. joshua has poison ivy, we are almost done going through the 2 week cycle with it. amen, this time it hasn't spread like it did last time. my little man is highly allergic to it. it has stayed on his arm, and not spread like last time to cover his whole body. keith's nephew got married in may. congratulations..... we love you brad and may. keith neice is having baby number 2, which this little booger is making her very sick. :( keith's other nephew b.j. is in the military, and he is having a baby as well. our family is growing like crazy. keith's sister melissa has moved to ohio. our little town feels just a little more empty with her and shianne gone. i love you girl, and i still cannot believe that you are already moved. i am very happy for you though, keep on growing in your adventure. i still love my job. i am very blessed in that aspect of my life. VERY BLESSED. my wonderful husband surprised me wednesday with buying my flowers and having them delivered to my work. this is why i love this man and have for 16 years now.... these are just a snip-it of the new adventures we have been on the past few 4 months. i will not wait this long between posts in the future. there is way to much to keep up with. try remembering .... :)

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