Sunday, December 20, 2009

WOW time flies

time has flown by these past few months, katie has had her christmas bear play, where she was the most beautiful ballerina teddy bear. yes, i am partial. taylor has finished her fall production, where she played "virginia" in the canterville ghost. ashley is plugging along with basketball season, lots of games and practice. julia is working her way through 7th grade and doing a great job. she and joshua just had their christmas band concert. i was very proud of their accomplishments. they worked very hard. we are trying to get ready for christmas, the lights are hung and the tree is up...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

mud pies and backpacks

it seems as this summer has passed, backpacks are lying on the floor once again. school is in full swing, yeah! the children are getting older, as am i, and the calendar seems to be whizzing by us in the blink of an eye. i don't recall my childhood being over as quickly as i do that of my children. but, i am sure while i was "in the midst" of my childhood it seemed to drag on forever. how i loved just playing outside, drinking out of the water hose, and loving the only obligation i had was to be home when it started to get dark.
once when i was little i was playing outside at my grandparents house, i made a completely fabulous mud pie. i put grass on the top, to make it look more appealing of course. i had little rocks in it, to mimic chocolate chips. after i was done with this masterpiece, that i had been slaving over all afternoon in a deep hole in the ground with just the right amount of water in it and my handy whisk (which was actually a stick). i then proceeded to take it into the house and show my Gee what i had done, she quickly told me to not bring "mud" into the house. was she blind could she not see that this was the work of a chef, who had been hard at work choosing her ingredients carefully? so, i took my masterpiece outside, humph! i then thought maybe something is missing from this dessert? i soon realized what this pie was missing, dog food sprinkled on top! well what else would add to the beauty of this? i trotted myself over to the dog food bowl, grabbed a hand full of kibble and proceeded to go back to the "kitchen". i very systematically placed the pieces of dog food on top of the pie. PERFECT!!! the dessert was ready to be feasted upon. then i realized, who is going to eat this, not wait. the dog! yes it was perfect, Sheba, the german shepard will eat this. i am told that when i was little, this dog was very protective of me. she would do anything that i told her to, mind you i was only 8 or so at the time of this mud pie baking. i called for the dog, "Sheba, come here". she did, "look girl, i made you a pie". without missing a beat, she saw what i was trying to show Gee, a tasty looking dessert that should not be wasted. Sheba gobbled it up and even licked to pan. i couldn't have felt more proud. TADA!! i was truly a wonderful chef!! my day was complete, i could go inside and wash my hands, change my clothes, knowing i had fulfilled a very daunting task that day. it is very hard for any chef to come up with a recipe that is beautiful, let alone tasty!! exhale. hands are clean, clothes are changed, time for some cartoons. with Sheba on the floor beside the couch that i was sitting on, we relaxed. it wasn't until a few moments later, that i realized something was wrong, Sheba didn't look so good. long story short, the dog was very sick from my "pie", i got into trouble and never made another mud pie again.
this all being said, i do miss those days of lazy summer and mud pie making. backpacks are all around me and another school year is underway. so, i am appreciating a lazy weekend, watching kids play and having no other obligation except to put my kids to bed when it gets dark.

Monday, July 20, 2009


on saturday my friends and i tried to relive our youth!! we went to go see nkotb in the woodlands and had an absolute blast, they can still put on a great show. here are just a few pics from that night, that i think might make you smile... it sure made us smile

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


today is my sister's birthday... love you....

Friday, July 3, 2009

good grief

as i sit here and i looked at the last date of the last post.... good grief. well we have had lots of changes going on with our bunch. since march, well here goes the update. we have moved into a much larger house for us... YEAH!!! the situation arose where we had to move out of our previous house, gasp. then the lord spoke clearly to me, "find a house." then with all of my rationalization of "what's" and how's" we found this house, and thanks to god, we are making it a home. double smile. the kids have finished school. we will have 2 in high school. eek, they are growing so fast.... mega fast. taylor and ashley just had their birthday a few days ago. 14 and 15. they are wonderful girls. joshua has poison ivy, we are almost done going through the 2 week cycle with it. amen, this time it hasn't spread like it did last time. my little man is highly allergic to it. it has stayed on his arm, and not spread like last time to cover his whole body. keith's nephew got married in may. congratulations..... we love you brad and may. keith neice is having baby number 2, which this little booger is making her very sick. :( keith's other nephew b.j. is in the military, and he is having a baby as well. our family is growing like crazy. keith's sister melissa has moved to ohio. our little town feels just a little more empty with her and shianne gone. i love you girl, and i still cannot believe that you are already moved. i am very happy for you though, keep on growing in your adventure. i still love my job. i am very blessed in that aspect of my life. VERY BLESSED. my wonderful husband surprised me wednesday with buying my flowers and having them delivered to my work. this is why i love this man and have for 16 years now.... these are just a snip-it of the new adventures we have been on the past few 4 months. i will not wait this long between posts in the future. there is way to much to keep up with. try remembering .... :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

steady as we go....

we are just plugging along these days, time is marching on. i am working lots, and staying pretty sleepy these days. for some reason i keep waking up at 3ish. this isn't good for the circles under my eyes :) yesterday was the last day for basketball with julia and joshua. tonight is the awards service. i must say that i am glad it is over, maybe our saturdays won't feel so rushed. to end on a high note, joshua scored a basket in his last game yesterday, after he made the shot, he turned to look at me... then smile. priceless....

Friday, February 20, 2009

today 2/20/09

today is my birthday, but yesterday is what is on my mind. we had a very tough day, our blind one-eyed wonder olivia bit joshua on the face and it required 9 stitches. we decided that it would be for the best to put her down because she has just steadly gotten aggressive. we miss her a whole bunch and there is a BIG void with her gone. so i have added some pics of her to just say bye livvie.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

happy birthday julia

our squiggs is 12 today... happy birthday baby!!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

picture for the day

this is my incentive to keep going to the gym

Thursday, February 12, 2009

sisters and such

my birthday is next friday and i'm so excited. i am taking my kids to go see my sister that night. i miss her a whole bunch. not knowing her until i was 26 or so, doesn't seem to matter. as i have gotten older, i realize how much she does mean to me :). growing up an "only child" did have it's perks, but seeing the relationship that my children have with one another, is very comforting. would have been cool to have her there, those late night talks, that now as a parent i am telling my girls to "hush and go to sleep".... so now as adults with families and such, we try to hang out when we are able, living 2 hours away makes it hard though. but not to fret.... i can email her or chat through text,myspace... the list is long of ways to keep in touch. see you soon ami..... yeah!!!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

just marching along

we have found ourselves at the end of another week...EEEKKKK who knew that the days would go so much faster the older we got. nobody told me... :) it's funny to me how our children want to grow up so fast and we just want to be irresponsible and not have a care in the world. taylor is in band now at the high school, along with u.i.l. and along with making staight A's. congratulations baby girl. ashley is plugging right along with basketball and school. julia is in band at the jr. high, she is doing fabulous!! joshua is working on a project for school and katie is excited about reading a whole hannah montana book :) i say all of this with smiles on my face, because even when they are challenging us and arguing with us, they are just fabulous!!! our little babies aren't little. they might not be considered as so, but they will always be to me. i will be turning .....34 in about 3 weeks. i thought that it would be strange to finally be this "old", but i can truly say it very lightheartedly now. it is quite fabulous to be this age, i can see my life moving forward and it's pretty cool. i'm just a big ole' dork... YEAH!!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

super mom

the christmas holiday is behind us, sheesh!!! now the kids are going back to school, and our lives are just plugging along. work, laundry, dinner, bed, bath, laundry, breakfast, laundry and lunch... did i mention laundry? sometimes i feel as though those articles of clothing are multiplying on their own... sounds like i might be on to something. just think about it moms, you get your washing caught up, exhale and when you go back in there it seems like that stuff is some super powered fungus. i mean it just gets out of control sooooo fast. but to say that i must say what a sense of YES!!!! i get when it is almost done. going to bed with the laundry room just a little bigger is fantastic. the kids are getting better at keeping the washing going though. hey you get all of 'em working together and that stuff just goes so much smoother. ya know?? work is crazy busy, awesome, home is crazy busy, wonderful and the night time just seems to fly by... not so cool. i find that as the older i have gotten ( 34 in feb. eek) i enjoy my sleep, so much more. i am certainly regressing to an infantile period in my life. :) i do enjoy a good afternoon nap now and then. but as soon as i lay my head down, snuggle in my wonderful covers... someone tells me that they cannot find something, something broke, they are hungry the dogs need to go to the bathroom... so on and so on. this time is fleeting and it is going by fast, so as i crawl out of my shelter of blankets, i ,"tired yet able mom" march into duty. because after all i never will be off duty... :) amen