Thursday, January 29, 2009

just marching along

we have found ourselves at the end of another week...EEEKKKK who knew that the days would go so much faster the older we got. nobody told me... :) it's funny to me how our children want to grow up so fast and we just want to be irresponsible and not have a care in the world. taylor is in band now at the high school, along with u.i.l. and along with making staight A's. congratulations baby girl. ashley is plugging right along with basketball and school. julia is in band at the jr. high, she is doing fabulous!! joshua is working on a project for school and katie is excited about reading a whole hannah montana book :) i say all of this with smiles on my face, because even when they are challenging us and arguing with us, they are just fabulous!!! our little babies aren't little. they might not be considered as so, but they will always be to me. i will be turning .....34 in about 3 weeks. i thought that it would be strange to finally be this "old", but i can truly say it very lightheartedly now. it is quite fabulous to be this age, i can see my life moving forward and it's pretty cool. i'm just a big ole' dork... YEAH!!!!