Thursday, July 24, 2008

it's hot, hot, hot!!!

i'm not sure what to when it gets so hot outside. play in some water? nah... sunburn. turn down the a/c? nah... electric bill goes up. bask in the sun and bathe, just let it soak in, in a most cleansing way? that sounds relaxing. but the question is, when? before laundry, after dishes? early in the day, or late in the evening? fighting for the safety of my legs against mosquitos sounds too dramatic. doesn't really matter when i guess, except for the fact that i must make some time for myself, without letting that"mom voice" in my head reminding me of all the things i could be doing instead. i have gotten better at telling that crazy little "work, work, work," attitude to just chill. and i must admit that it is very cool to just stop. after all His word says to "be still and know that I am God". WHAT?? that goes against everything i know. how in the world am i supposed to be still when there is so much to be done?? when i do stop, that's when i realize that He is telling me something that i really need to know. something about how much He has prepared something wonderful for me. :) that is just cool. Wow !!! He wants to talk to me. yes i am smiling from ear to ear... and yes i am listening.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

times are a changing

well it seems that the Lord in all His glory has been moving forward on our behalf in a most splendid way. at the end of next month we will have a new zip code, farther away from the one we have now. we will be doing exactly what the bible says. living in community, helping one another and growing so that when we are on the mission field, we will know what is expected. for a long time we have felt the tugging of our hearts pulling us to co-habitate with another family to share. just plain ole' share raising kids, bills, tears, love, food and yes even some laundry. we are most excited about this, yet kinda got the jeepers because this is by far very uncharted territory for us. i love the family we are embarking on this adventure with. the Lord joined us in the beginning to just fellowship and teach them His word because they are babies in His word. and now almost 2 years later i couldn't imagine my life without them and i wait to see how we all grow and serve together. right now my heart is very sad just because of the faces that we won't see everyday anymore, but i know that my heart is expanding for those i am about to meet. so when we move we will downsize, yeah!!! i cannot wait to just purge all those things i don't need. bless someone else with them. we are talking just plain ole' downsizing here. Amen!!! starting our new adventure with a good inventory of less stuff!! so please be praying for us on our new adventure as those prayers are getting to us. :)

Friday, July 11, 2008


these little guys are just beautiful, even in their quick pace. these past few days we have been running around here just as fast... but we don't look near this pretty. ; )

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

His children...

our friends are staying with us until their house is ready for them to move in. they have a 1 year old along with a 2 year old. i must say that since katie is 8, this is quite an adjustment. i am very thankful that our children aren't toddlers anymore. i had forgotten how hard those years were. with the strength that only the Lord gave me, i made it through.2 toddlers and a newborn at one time wasn't an easy feat. our oldest is a full blown teenager, and boy is that something i am leaning on the Lord for. huge amounts of tolerance and understanding. my point is that when our children are small, we have to do so much for them, everything. not much changes when they are older, just different needs. we cannot forget how much we are doing to prepare these people for the mission fields, school, and life. giving them the confidence to chase their God given dreams. could you imagine how your life would be different if someone didn't tell you about Jesus? or for that matter how different your life would be if you had your "fire" put out? we have got to realize that these are the Lords children that He has entrusted to us to raise and "train up" to be "ambassadors for Christ". i might have thought that the younger my children were, the harder it was, but i am learning that this is the hard part, allowing my children to choose. and then sitting and watching while they learn, and to be there when it's time for me to step in and just hug 'em. or to thump 'em on the noggin if need be. : )