Monday, May 19, 2008

i'm not sure if it the weather changing from rain to sun that has me a bit lazy. or if it is the thought that i cannot for the life of me find my "purpose". or maybe it could be that i am feeling unloved or neglected. one thing that i do know for sure is that i am in a transition period in my life as i write. which most of you know, being a christian means we are always being challenged to better ourselves and to change something that needs work. not accepting the way of the world means that i have to stand for something meaningful and grounded in the Lord. which that i might add is not an easy thing to do. easy, in that in my heart it all makes sense, then i step out of my prayer closet with great understanding of what the Lord wants me to do :), then i run into a worldly problem or i verbalize my plan with someone and BAM !!! everything seems to get all chaotic. i know that my Jesus is wonderful, loving, understanding yet in those same actions of greatness he is just, truth and jealous. that at times scares the dickens out me, yet i rest in his arms when i'm scared. i have been reading a wonderful book given to me by my sis-n-law, melissa. this book is written by an awesome thinker named shane claiborne. this book challenges me by revealing some obvious things. we are the church, yes !! we are redeemed, yes!! we have forgotten the basic reason that Jesus exists. he came that we would have life more abundant. in our society that means bigger cars, bigger houses, and terribly so bigger churches. i am seeking God's face in a different way. i am looking for him in the most obvious places that i have overlooked for so long. a wonderful friend that moved a few months ago has been on my heart the past few days. she sent me a text message the other day letting me know she had been feeling the same. i was overjoyed that the Lord was in that detail. when she was texting me i felt his presence around me. she let me know on sunday that she was in prayer for me and my family and was interceding for me with the Lord. Amen!! we should all be intercessors constantly. i should. could you imagine the difference we could make if we all prayed for one another instead of ourselves? wow, can you even wrap your mind around it, or your heart for that matter? philippians 2:4 tells us to not only look to our own interests but to look to the interests of others.the verse before it tells us to consider others better than we consider ourselves. yes i am feeling my toes being not only stepped on but flattened. i am trying to have the same attitude as that of Jesus Christ. dear Lord help me to realize that you are opening my eyes, and help me see to it that i don't close them or look the other way. all to often i have prayed that he open my eyes. little did i know that i was closing them or looking around it. knowing that i am a work in progress gives me hope, i do not want to ever be too proud to be taught by me learn and remember those lessons...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

mommy, mom, mother

to all of my beautiful friends and family out there... happy mother's day.
whether you are a mom to one or a mom to a bunch, you have been bestowed
the highest honor. enjoy this ride of raising our children and savor the laughter
and understand the tears. they grow up all too fast. whatever your children call you,
mommy, mom, mother or friend, it still means that we have been given the greatest job

Saturday, May 10, 2008

she's off to the dance...

taylor has left for the 8th grade dance and she looks beautiful. here are some photos of her before she left. i am so proud to have her as my daughter. she was excited to go. while we were doing her make-up she asked me if i "was worried about her while she was going to be gone?" i told her "no because i trust her totally." she then said "well that's good because i'm growing up and there isn't anything we can do about it". talk about maturity. i'm not sure at the age of 13 i had my head on even as close to straight as she does. thank you Jesus for helping us raise our young lady. she is awesome.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

okay, she IS growing up....

on saturday our oldest child, taylor, will be going to the 8th grade dance with a friend of hers. she has picked out her dress, the nail polish, the hairstyle she wants and shoes. she is excited and ready to go, the only thing not ready ... me. i'm not quite sure i understand when we went from starting elementary school to getting ready for a semi-formal dance.? i'm sure she will have a g-g-great time, dance with her friends and look absolutely beautiful. she is a beautiful girl, (hang on, let me be correct here, she's a young lady now) and we are very proud of her. good thing is though, our son has a baseball game on the same day so luckily i will be distracted watching him play and not worried about taylor. amen!! i will post some pictures of her in her dress after the big day, so bye for now and wish us luck!!!