Thursday, April 24, 2008

time flies

today i was cleaning my house ( for the first time in a long time without someone being here).
anyways, i realized how fast things are moving. my kids growing up, school almost over, how quickly time goes. our friends are moving at the end of june (which will be here before we know it), but not before we get to go on vacation together. the month of april is coming to an end, quickly. baseball season starts in may, practices are already underway. then school is out for the summer, children go to church camp, world changer mission trips and your oldest child turns 14...Ugh!!!
i wish i could have one more day in my childhood, playing outside in the dirt, making mud pies of course. not wanting to be inside, but outside where we were only limited by our own imagination. we played until dark, ate dinner, went to bed and we couldn't wait to start all over again the next day. oh how i long for a great game of hide-n-seek, without my back hurting, my knees giving out and wondering why in the world i cannot catch my breath. i certainly appreciate those days a lot more now! and that brings me to the present time in my life when i am interested to see how my children grow and change. so for that.... i can't wait. so i am an adult living a grown up life with the child in my heart still wanting to just sit and color in my coloring book ; )