Sunday, June 8, 2008

it's summertime

whether i was ready or not school is out and the kids are home.
all of them worked very hard to enjoy this time off. our summer is filled with mission trips to michigan, falls creek and latham springs. lets not forget the fair in just a very few short days. so the bags are ready to be packed, the alarm clock has been turned off ( well except for the fact that the dog still thinks she gets fed at 5:30. a task i happily turned over to her human "mom" taylor). and time to sleep in and stay up late has arrived. right now the kids and keith are at the sand lot playing a little game of catch. so taylor and i are enjoying the house being a little less active. well the washer and dryer are going full speed ahead as well as the a/c and the television. well, so not totally a less active house, just the normal rumblings going on. so as i'm off to complete some regular duties i wish you a very happy summmer and pray that you have the energy to complete all the goings on in your day... :)