Tuesday, August 12, 2008

last tuesday

while in the midst of our packing, we discovered that the Lord was blessing Keith's business. we would ask Him "Lord are we supposed to move? you keep giving us more jobs". we would ask this as we added... " we are still packing". then another job would come his way and then we found ourselves asking " Lord we are packing, are we supposed to move?" then another job would come and of course it was followed with the same very rhetorical question... DUH!!! could we have been thumped any harder on our heads? then in our ignorance we decided to come to the Lord together, and pray for a very divine intervention. ( like we hadn't been getting them the whole time). we asked for a very clear answer from the Lord to send us someone out of the blue to tell us that we weren't supposed to move. now that's a big request, but we have an awesome God and might i add that i, tend to expect big tremendous things. so without a doubt He sent someone over to our house just hours later, telling us that the Lord sent them over to tell us we are not supposed to move. this was an awesome miraculous things that happened. my dear friend that came over, couldn't wait to tell us. even as i write this, i get goose pimples. she had tears in her eyes as i was telling her that we had prayed this most carefully to Him. we hadn't told anyone about our prayer, but we knew before we made a big mistake, out of His will, that we needed a clear-as-a-bell answer. THERE IT WAS !!! it was just so darn cool, i couldn't help myself from grinning, still am actually. so now we are unpacking, with all knowledge, that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing, that is pretty cool... ;-)