Thursday, April 24, 2008

time flies

today i was cleaning my house ( for the first time in a long time without someone being here).
anyways, i realized how fast things are moving. my kids growing up, school almost over, how quickly time goes. our friends are moving at the end of june (which will be here before we know it), but not before we get to go on vacation together. the month of april is coming to an end, quickly. baseball season starts in may, practices are already underway. then school is out for the summer, children go to church camp, world changer mission trips and your oldest child turns 14...Ugh!!!
i wish i could have one more day in my childhood, playing outside in the dirt, making mud pies of course. not wanting to be inside, but outside where we were only limited by our own imagination. we played until dark, ate dinner, went to bed and we couldn't wait to start all over again the next day. oh how i long for a great game of hide-n-seek, without my back hurting, my knees giving out and wondering why in the world i cannot catch my breath. i certainly appreciate those days a lot more now! and that brings me to the present time in my life when i am interested to see how my children grow and change. so for that.... i can't wait. so i am an adult living a grown up life with the child in my heart still wanting to just sit and color in my coloring book ; )

Sunday, April 20, 2008

all grown up

my friend tonya blogged just the other day about how children grow up and move out. something her son bradley just did.
well i must say that i do agree, and before you know it your little babies are driving. there isn't much we can do about it except love them and pray for them. my friend melissa sent me
a picture yesterday of her cute son nicholas (you've seen his picture here before). the picture reminded me all too well of just how quickly they grow up. to me, being a mom, this is how i will always remember my children...babies.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

birthday pictures

here are some birthday pictures from the big turning "8" party. we went over to tonya and meredith's house last night for food, fellowship and a very energetic house. it was filled with our 5 children, john and chasity had their 6, tonya and meredith had their 4, and alex and melissa had their 2. wow 17 kids is a party waiting to happen, and let me tell you it did. we had some playing in the fort that the lindsey boys had built, some on the trampoline, some playing soccer, and some were running around with play guns. the smaller ones were in the house crawling about seeing who could maneuver around the floor faster. it was noisy, they all talked at the same time (so trying to understand one question before hearing another one being asked was fun), some bumps and bruises followed by with tears, cake and ice cream to boot and it was WONDERFUL !!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

now that's a guard dog

this morning i was awakened to the pouncing of a 7 month old great pyrenees puppy. she is under the impression that promptly at 5:30, when the alarm goes off, she should be fed breakfast. she wants to eat outside on the front porch, so when she is done she may "patrol" the yard for any unwelcome intruders. you see she doesn't understand that we are not on a plantation and we only reside on about an acre. so she is all about walking around the area, barking and letting you know her dislikes. we love her dearly and couldn't imagine our home without her. she is supposed to be a working dog, you know sitting and guarding goats. we were at a goat auction with my sis-in-law, melissa :), in late october and our oldest taylor just had to have this cuddly little ball of fur. how could i resist, she was very cute. after we got her home and took her for a check-up at the vets, we learned she is blind in one eye. i personally felt very relieved that we "saved" this blind dog from a job that she was certainly not equipped for. that is what i choose to tell myself, knowing full well that she could probably do a pretty good job. after all, she is a working dog. my husband calls her a hurricane and she is every bit the chaos that comes with one. very sweet, cuddly, and if there was ever a dog that could possibly have "ants in her pants" she does. she is never still. even when she sleeps she moves quite a bit whimpering and barking in her dreams. chasing those animals trespassing across her yard and doing her job... so she may not be on a farm guarding real goats, but God gave her to us so that she could fit in with a different sort "kid". sleep tight olivia and get those "intruders" in your dreams...

Sunday, April 13, 2008


on tuesday our youngest child, katherine sterling, will turn the big "8".
she was given to us by God, who in his infinite wisdom, knew how much of a
blessing she would be.we have enjoyed having her in our lives and cannot wait to see what type of a young lady and woman of God she will be. so Katie, enjoy your day, enjoy the princess cake, smile, laugh and most of all just giggle. : )

Friday, April 11, 2008

yup that's it

this morning i woke up and i had a ton of pressure in my noggin because i went and cleaned 2 houses yesterday. i feel so exhausted, yet i want to admire the beauty of a sunny day with all the sounds and smells of spring. so i was trying to find the perfect picture to show exactly how i feel and i think i got it accurate. so please, if you agree, just do the same as this little guy, not missing a beat : )

Thursday, April 10, 2008


nicholas has quite a sense of style doesn't he? his mommy sent this to me and i thought that it just needed to be shared with all.

tweet, tweet, tweet

meet the newest member of our family... her name is leelu. we got her when she was 9 weeks old. she is a budgie parakeet. she is very loud with her chirps, of course you'd have to be around here to get a word in. we have had her for almost a month and enjoy her. i love hearing a song in the house, so wonderful and happy...

somewhere in the peace...

sometime last september we had a day trip to the botanical gardens in fort worth. we went with alex and melissa and we were able to enjoy the day without our children, just a little break. i thought that this pic looked just ever so relaxing. when we are in the rush of laundry, kids, sports, school, breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is just nice to sit back and watch God.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

keith's girlfriend...

there are many things in my life that give me joy... one of them is the fact that we have the cutest, funniest, most talkative bassett hound at our house. her name is chloe and she just doesn't know that she is a dog. she sleeps under the covers in our bed, my fault. she looks at you most shocked when you move her off of the furniture, also my fault. she is also under the impression that she comes first with keith, also my fault. she jumps in his lap, lays across his chest and just very innocently, and adamantly wags her tail like she has done no wrong... which that is another story within itself... enjoy our dog