Wednesday, July 16, 2008

times are a changing

well it seems that the Lord in all His glory has been moving forward on our behalf in a most splendid way. at the end of next month we will have a new zip code, farther away from the one we have now. we will be doing exactly what the bible says. living in community, helping one another and growing so that when we are on the mission field, we will know what is expected. for a long time we have felt the tugging of our hearts pulling us to co-habitate with another family to share. just plain ole' share raising kids, bills, tears, love, food and yes even some laundry. we are most excited about this, yet kinda got the jeepers because this is by far very uncharted territory for us. i love the family we are embarking on this adventure with. the Lord joined us in the beginning to just fellowship and teach them His word because they are babies in His word. and now almost 2 years later i couldn't imagine my life without them and i wait to see how we all grow and serve together. right now my heart is very sad just because of the faces that we won't see everyday anymore, but i know that my heart is expanding for those i am about to meet. so when we move we will downsize, yeah!!! i cannot wait to just purge all those things i don't need. bless someone else with them. we are talking just plain ole' downsizing here. Amen!!! starting our new adventure with a good inventory of less stuff!! so please be praying for us on our new adventure as those prayers are getting to us. :)