Thursday, September 4, 2008

1972 mustang grande

about 3 weeks ago, while driving down the highway, i saw the most beautiful thing. it was a 1972 mustang grande. having mentioned this to keith, he saw it and wasn't in awe as much as i was. not long after that the car had gone somewhere else, it was sold. keith had done some checking and found it. long story is now in our driveway. :) this car is awesome. it does need some work, brakes, steering and some cosmetic things. this will be a slow restoration, and that's alright. i have nothing but time until the Lord takes me home. keith started it up today to drive it home and let me tell you, it sounded so cool ! so now he is in awe of it as much as i am. i just wanted to show you some pictures and get your thoughts.