Saturday, January 3, 2009

super mom

the christmas holiday is behind us, sheesh!!! now the kids are going back to school, and our lives are just plugging along. work, laundry, dinner, bed, bath, laundry, breakfast, laundry and lunch... did i mention laundry? sometimes i feel as though those articles of clothing are multiplying on their own... sounds like i might be on to something. just think about it moms, you get your washing caught up, exhale and when you go back in there it seems like that stuff is some super powered fungus. i mean it just gets out of control sooooo fast. but to say that i must say what a sense of YES!!!! i get when it is almost done. going to bed with the laundry room just a little bigger is fantastic. the kids are getting better at keeping the washing going though. hey you get all of 'em working together and that stuff just goes so much smoother. ya know?? work is crazy busy, awesome, home is crazy busy, wonderful and the night time just seems to fly by... not so cool. i find that as the older i have gotten ( 34 in feb. eek) i enjoy my sleep, so much more. i am certainly regressing to an infantile period in my life. :) i do enjoy a good afternoon nap now and then. but as soon as i lay my head down, snuggle in my wonderful covers... someone tells me that they cannot find something, something broke, they are hungry the dogs need to go to the bathroom... so on and so on. this time is fleeting and it is going by fast, so as i crawl out of my shelter of blankets, i ,"tired yet able mom" march into duty. because after all i never will be off duty... :) amen