Friday, October 24, 2008


it seems the sound of spray guns and rolling cages is humming along around here. the outside of the house is barn red, where as the trim is a cream color, very bright i might say. the inside of the house in the living room and dining room is a green, grape leaves to be exact. i am pondering what color to paint the kitchen. right now it is an off yellow, very mild looking. mostly a sun burst color. the hallway is too, but i am considering adding some of the living room green to the top and let the yellow show through. joshua doesn't like it and katie loves it, go figure. keith gave me a frown when he saw it, but like i said, go figure. here are some pictures of the house as it is going through some very bright changes...

Monday, October 13, 2008

hum drum

there isn't much new going on in our house. waiting for the holidays? nah... taylor is hard at work on a play she will be performing in next month. ashley and julia are still playing soccer. joshua and katie are plugging through school. homework, practice, dinner and bedtime. things are slow work wise, busy family wise though. we always seem to be on the go, so when my head hits the pillow at night i usually don't have much difficulty going to sleep, it's the waking up that i'm not getting much pleasure in. we are enjoying the cooler nights and mornings. our year old 70 pound puppy absolutely loves it. we can't get her to come in.the bassett hound has started sleeping with us agin, that is a true sign of the colder weather. when she gets on the bed and burrows under the blankets and sheets. she thinks its her right to sleep this way, i haven't told her shes a dog, maybe someday i will. for now though it's just too cute.... :)