Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Book

Hello, this is taylor johnson...=) I have been working on a book for the past three years and I have finally decided that the introduction is how i want it, but i need opinions, please!..=) After you read it i would apreciate it a lot if you would leave comments and let me kow what you think! it is: My head was spinning and I was surrounded by darkness. I looked around me wondering where I was and how I had got here. This place felt oddly, sickeningly familiar, though I couldn’t remember being here, ever. I walked forward holding up the silky dress that wrapped around my body, clinging to me uncomfortably. Sliding my hand against the wall I tried to find my way around. The wall was rough and dirt fell off with a sizzling sound as my hand barely grazed it. I felt as if the whole place would crumble on top of me. My bare feet were cold against the dusty floor. All of my insides seemed to be twisted and knotted with anticipation of what was ahead. The possibilities flew into my mind as fear climbed in menacingly, trying to convince me to go back. I turned a corner and little circles of light filled the hallway granting me partial vision. I clutched my stomach feeling uneasy and kept walking. Sweat trickled down my face despite the coldness I felt. My hand slid across nothing and I froze. I faced the room trying to look past the growing darkness. There was rattling and clanking noises coming from inside. I turned around and grabbed a candle from the wall holding it up high in front of me. Don’t go in there! Stop! My thoughts screamed at me. Ignoring my mental plea my feet continued forward into the unknown. I turned another corner and stopped frozen in shock. My heart accelerated and I thought I was going to throw up. My hand shook and I looked around only to find more and more of them. There had to be at least eight or more in here. I knelt down in front of one of the cages. I looked at him, he was curled up in the corner. He suddenly turned and faced me. He stared at me with blank, dark chocolate eyes. His face was dirty, with smears of dark red. His hair was matted and filled with dirt as was the torn and tattered clothing. Like it had been ripped up by an animal. I put my hand on the cage and an awful snarl came out of his throat. I dropped the candle terrified and the last thing I saw before everything went black was a wolf. this is all i have for now, i would appreciate it if you commented, thanks...=)


this april taylor went to the prom with a friend of her's. she looked very pretty. it reminded me just how old i was really getting...eek!

Snow men get cold too!

when we had the snow earlier this year, julia and ashley went to build a snowman... this is how their creation turned out.


I just wanted to post some photos of our new addition... enjoy our Lilly.