Wednesday, April 16, 2008

birthday pictures

here are some birthday pictures from the big turning "8" party. we went over to tonya and meredith's house last night for food, fellowship and a very energetic house. it was filled with our 5 children, john and chasity had their 6, tonya and meredith had their 4, and alex and melissa had their 2. wow 17 kids is a party waiting to happen, and let me tell you it did. we had some playing in the fort that the lindsey boys had built, some on the trampoline, some playing soccer, and some were running around with play guns. the smaller ones were in the house crawling about seeing who could maneuver around the floor faster. it was noisy, they all talked at the same time (so trying to understand one question before hearing another one being asked was fun), some bumps and bruises followed by with tears, cake and ice cream to boot and it was WONDERFUL !!!!