Thursday, April 10, 2008


nicholas has quite a sense of style doesn't he? his mommy sent this to me and i thought that it just needed to be shared with all.

tweet, tweet, tweet

meet the newest member of our family... her name is leelu. we got her when she was 9 weeks old. she is a budgie parakeet. she is very loud with her chirps, of course you'd have to be around here to get a word in. we have had her for almost a month and enjoy her. i love hearing a song in the house, so wonderful and happy...

somewhere in the peace...

sometime last september we had a day trip to the botanical gardens in fort worth. we went with alex and melissa and we were able to enjoy the day without our children, just a little break. i thought that this pic looked just ever so relaxing. when we are in the rush of laundry, kids, sports, school, breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is just nice to sit back and watch God.